The home for hackathons.

Devpost’s mission is to inspire developers to build great software. We’re creating a world where every developer who wants to improve their craft, or be inspired to build, comes to Devpost for that inspiration. To that end, we power most of the world’s software competitions (hackathons) on our platform.

Competitions inspire developers

  • Deadlines create urgency
  • The best learning comes from building
  • Prizes are awarded without taking developer IP
  • Accomplishing a personal challenge brings satisfaction

If you’re a developer looking to be inspired, check out our competitions.

For our customers

  • Our fully-featured hackathon platform
  • Our large, global community
  • Our experienced services team

We’re fortunate to have a broad customer base that includes corporations of all sizes, non-profits, government agencies, and universities. If you’re a potential customer, we’d love to hear from you.

Last, but not least, our team is extraordinary and we’re fortunate to have an impact on millions of users. Consider browsing our careers page.