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Boost product usage and customer retention with private hackathons on Devpost.

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CUSTOMER Engagement

Increase product adoption and retention

Show customers how to integrate your tools into their workflows to boost product usage, drive revenue, and reduce churn.

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Customer loyalty

Convert customers into brand advocates

Turn customers into loyal users by getting them to work hands-on with your tools, learn from your team, and become product experts.

“There was a lead developer from a huge manufacturer who had never touched our product. At the end of the hackathon, he had such a positive experience that he actually implemented more use cases after the event.”

Nico Wyss, Solutions Advisor at SAP
product training

Supercharge your product training

Ditch boring slide decks. Get customers excited to learn and experiment with your technology in a fun, deadline-driven competition.

See how SAP connects with customers through hackathons
Read customer story

Fuel product roadmap
with customer insights

Gain valuable insights into customer needs, preferences, and pain points by observing how they interact with your tools. 


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Make a real impact on customer retention with hackathons

Here are 5 reasons to run customer hackathons.

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