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Help us inspire developers to build great software.

At Devpost, we are on a mission to inspire developers from around the world to build great software. We’re creating a world where every developer who wants to improve their craft, or be inspired to build, comes to Devpost for that inspiration.

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Why work at Devpost?

Everything we do is about making software developers happier and more successful. Developers consider us their go-to site for discovering and competing in the world’s software competitions (hackathons), and for finding inspiration to build their next project.

Customers who trust us to inspire these developers include Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Atlassian, Square, Meta, Snap, Ford, many startups and non-profits, and more.

Employees love us for our flexible hours, unlimited vacation, competitive compensation, transparent leadership, and a collaborative, remote-first work environment with team members from across the globe who are committed to our core values.

Our core values

Relentlessly improve

Time is limited. The industry we’re in is constantly changing. We cannot win if we don’t continually improve both our company and ourselves with intensity.

Be open

If we are open about things we are and aren’t doing well, honest about everything, and transparent with information, we make better decisions.

Work together

Collaboration between teams leads to better outcomes.

Respect everyone

Respect our users, our paying customers, our city’s community, and each other. We honor diversity because everyone should be equally well-respected. It’s the right thing to do.

Live our mission

It’s not enough to have a mission. We must live it passionately, and demonstrate it both inside and outside of our building in order to accomplish it.

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Benefits and perks

Vacation when you want it
Company on-sites
Generous health plans
Remote-first with an office in NYC
Stock options
$2K annual learning allowance
401k contributions