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How Amazon grows its developer network with hackathons on Devpost

Dive into Amazon’s hackathon history on Devpost.

Amazon has an impressive history of hosting hackathons that engage developers and inspire them to explore the vast capabilities of its services. Take a closer look into Amazon’s hackathons on Devpost to see how these competitions encourage innovation, foster a sense of community among developers, and inspire the creation of new apps that leverage Amazon’s technology.


Amazon, through its various platforms like AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Alexa, has been a prominent player in the hackathon landscape on Devpost since 2016. It has hosted over 35 hackathons on Devpost's public platform, engaging over 50,000 developers worldwide by inviting them to create new applications using Amazon technologies. 

Many hackathon registrants have engaged with Amazon beyond the hackathons, such as by creating AWS Developer accounts, joining the Amazon Discord, joining Slack channels, and submitting apps to the Alexa Skills Store.

A summary of Amazon's hackathons on Devpost, including hosting 35+ hackathons since 2016 and engaging 51K+ participants

Key themes and objectives

Amazon’s hackathons have showcased the versatility of its technologies and encouraged developers from the Devpost community to apply their skills to a broad range of real-world challenges. Notable themes include:

  • Artificial intelligence/Machine learning: Amazon has been running AI hackathons on Devpost since 2018, with its first being the AWS AI Challenge. Participants in these competitions are encouraged to explore and innovate with products and services from AWS’s Machine Learning portfolio, including Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition, and more.
  • Communication: Amazon’s communication hackathons allow developers to experiment with AWS services that bring computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, text-to-speech, and machine translation within the reach of every developer. 
  • DevOps: Amazon’s DevOps hackathons are designed to enhance software development and deployment processes and promote the creation of solutions that improve efficiency, reliability, and scalability in DevOps practices.
  • Gaming: In Amazon’s gaming-themed hackathons, developers were invited to create extensions and data models that enhance gamer experiences, such as in the Twitch Dev Jam and Global Power Rankings hackathons.
  • Social good: Amazon’s hackathons focused on social impact leverage technology for societal benefit, inspiring developers to create solutions that address environmental, health, and community challenges.
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Featured hackathons and highlights

There have been so many amazing Amazon hackathons on Devpost that it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few! But here are some of the most notable Amazon hackathons on Devpost:

The PartyRock Generative AI Hackathon by AWS

Details: This hackathon challenged participants to build apps without code using PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground. Developers of all skill levels had the opportunity to unleash their creativity and build functional apps.

Highlights: Over 7,600 participants used PartyRock to experiment with prompt engineering and build their own generative AI-powered apps. This hackathon also had a record number of submissions on Devpost! “Parable Rhythm” was the overall first place winning project. This dynamic, interactive detective game uses generative AI to create unique scenarios for players to solve.

“As soon as I learned about leveraging PartyRock to create a wide range of AI-enabled apps with varying complexities, and in such a short amount of time, I was instantly convinced of its powerful potential," said Param Birje, the winner of the PartyRock Hackathon.

Param was also featured in a Devpost user story—check it out here.

Global Power Rankings Hackathon

Details: This hackathon allowed developers to use official League of Legends (LoL) Esports data to create a method for ranking LoL Esports pro teams globally.

Highlights: More than 1,800 participants took on the challenge of developing a method of ranking top global League of Legends teams using Riot Games data and AWS services. Check out the first-place project to see how it uses classical machine-learning models to predict individual game outcomes using statistics from previous games.

AWS Health AI Hackathon

Details: Participants used Amazon Comprehend Medical to build, train, and deploy machine learning models that address key challenges for health organizations to help improve care quality.

Highlights: Over 2,300 participants explored Amazon Comprehend Medical. They presented new ways to use machine learning and natural language processing to unlock insights from health data to improve care and health equity. The winning project, submitted by Mitchell Coplan, involved a model that extracted heart function data from medical charts and provided analytics on the findings.

Mitchell was also featured in a Devpost user story—check it out here.

Alexa Skills Challenge Hackathons

Details: The Alexa Skills Challenge hackathons have focused on encouraging developers to create innovative and engaging voice applications for Alexa. These challenges have inspired a wide range of skills, from interactive games to health management tools, showcasing the versatility of voice technology.

Highlights: Over 15,000 participants have joined the 9 Alexa Skills Challenges on Devpost since 2017, resulting in over 2,000 projects submitted to the Alexa Skills Store. Check out a few of the competitions from over the years:

Engaging with the Devpost community

Developers of all skill levels and backgrounds within the Devpost community have joined Amazon hackathons. Let's take a closer look at the Devpost members who have connected with Amazon through these events:

A breakdown of Devpost users who have participated in Amazon hackathons. Users from 135 countries have participated, with 34% identifying as full-stack developers

Devpost has proudly powered Amazon’s hackathons since 2016. Along with providing a hackathon platform to handle registrations, team building, judging, and more, the Devpost team also helps with event setup, participant support, and prize fulfillment. 

We also help Amazon engage with developers in our community. Devpost’s collaborative environment has allowed developers to share ideas, provide feedback, submit apps, and connect with Amazon through its developer programs.


Amazon’s extensive history of hackathons on Devpost reflects its commitment to fostering innovation and community engagement. By continually challenging developers to push the boundaries, Amazon expands its platforms’ functionality and grows its network of skilled and motivated developers. 

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