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6 Benefits of submitting your hackathon project early

Here’s a look at the numerous benefits of submitting early to a hackathon.

As a hackathon participant, you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating an innovative and impactful project. But did you know that submitting your project early can be just as crucial as the work you put into it?

In this article, we’ll explore six advantages of early submission and how it can enhance your hackathon experience.

#1 Get your project checked for eligibility

In hackathons managed by Devpost, one of the most significant benefits of submitting early is the opportunity to receive a baseline eligibility check from our team. By submitting your project at least one week before the deadline, you'll have the chance to ensure that your submission meets all the necessary criteria and requirements. This early review process can save you valuable time and effort, preventing last-minute surprises or disqualifications.

#2 Ample time for refinement

Submitting early doesn’t mean your work is done, now's the time to refine your project and take it to the next level. Once you’ve submitted your initial project, you’ll have the freedom to continue refining and enhancing your submission until the final deadline. This flexibility allows you to address technical issues, implement additional features, or incorporate feedback from our team or your peers.

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#3 Avoid last-minute headaches

We've all been there—racing against the clock to meet a deadline, only to encounter unexpected technical glitches or connectivity issues. By submitting early, you can bypass these last-minute headaches and ensure a smooth submission process. No more worrying about demo uploads failing or internet connections crashing at the eleventh hour.

Take it from Babatunde, a seasoned Devpost user who has participated in over 160 hackathons:

“Some hackathons are very strict and don't give extensions, so if you don't give yourself enough time you may find your project is ineligible,” said Babatunde Onabajo.

#4 Give thoughtful responses

Some hackathons require participants to respond to additional questions or prompts alongside their project submission. Submitting early gives you the time and space to carefully craft well-thought-out responses, ensuring that your project's narrative and purpose are effectively communicated to the judges.

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#5 Early submission prizes

While not all hackathons on Devpost offer early submission prizes, some do reward participants who submit their projects ahead of the final deadline. By submitting early, you increase your chances of being eligible for these additional incentives and recognition!

#6 Reduce stress and improve focus

Let's be honest, hackathons can be stressful if you don’t manage your time properly, especially as the deadline looms closer. By submitting early, you'll alleviate a significant portion of that stress, allowing you to focus your energy on refining your project and finetuning your submission video.

Earlier submissions = better results and less stress

So, why wait? Take the first step towards enhancing your hackathon experience by starting your submission early, and unlock the full potential of your hard work and creativity with proper time management.

Feeling inspired to start a hackathon submission? Check out our hackathons happening now! We can’t wait to see the projects you bring to life, happy hacking!