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Get to know some of the users making waves in the Devpost Community.

Developers are at the heart of Devpost’s mission is to inspire developers to build great software. In this post, we’re highlighting a few of the inspiring users who make up the Devpost community.

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Shruti Gupta

Meet Shruti, also known as @shrutixyz. She’s been a Devpost user since 2021 and has participated in almost 60 hackathons. Check out some of Shruti’s impressive projects here!

Tell Us About Your Journey as a Devpost User

 I first learned about Devpost when I decided to participate in an MLH hackathon called The Second H-Act, which was around March 2021. It was such a pleasant experience for me since I learned a lot about this new platform and our team even won a prize in it. 

Since I made an account on Devpost, I came to know about such wonderful opportunities. It also helped me a lot to gain expertise in many tech frameworks and get started with new ones. I also made many friends throughout. So overall, it's a really great experience.

What Has Been Your Favorite Hackathon Experience?

 My favorite hackathon was Bon Voyage Hacks by MLH because we ended up making a project called Lilix, which revolved around positive productivity and highlighted the importance of taking breaks. Although we couldn't win in that hackathon, we had so much fun and made something that we still use personally to this date!

Do You Have Any Fun Hackathon Memories to Share?

Ah yes, a lot of them. One fun story was when we got on a call as a team to discuss the project and how to proceed with it, being equally confused about everything and anything. It was such a fun but blooper moment.

“Getting into programming and development is just as difficult as starting it. Once you get into it, you realize that it's fun and rewarding enough <3” - Shruti Gupta

Thanks for being a part of the Devpost community Shruti! We appreciate you and your dedication to continue growing as a developer. 

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