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User Story: How Hackathons Help Bryce Step Outside His Comfort Zone

Meet Bryce, a Devpost user embracing the opportunity to build and collaborate with like-minded innovators.

Meet Bryce Cronin, aka @bryceacronin. A Devpost user since 2020, Bryce has participated in seven hackathons on Devpost and won three so far. Here’s how he finds the fun in collaborating with others in hackathons and embraces the opportunity to step outside his comfort zone.

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What Motivates You to Participate?

The energy at hackathons is always insane! The opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people to rapidly prototype ideas, paired with the chance to work on real-world challenges, motivates me to get involved. Contributing my skills—and learning new ones—is always a really rewarding experience.

A look at Bryce's winning projects.

What Has Been Your Favorite Hackathon Experience?

The annual APEC App Challenge competitions have been my favorite hackathons to participate in! Their diverse challenges with real-world scenarios have been an amazing way to learn new skills.

What Is a Challenge You Faced and Overcame?

Working in a team with diverse personalities and skill sets can sometimes be more challenging than the hackathon itself. Fostering a collaborative environment and encouraging everyone’s participation has been the key to overcoming this. Everyone’s here to learn and have a good time, so embrace the opportunity by being prepared to step outside your comfort zone!

“A small polished project is almost always better than a large unpolished project. Setting your project scope early (and sticking to it!) has worked well for me,” said Bryce Cronin.

Thanks, Bryce for being an active member of our community. Here’s to many more hackathons together!

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