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User Story: How Babatunde Discovered New Tech Tools Through Hackathons

Here’s how Babatunde, a Devpost user, has discovered new technologies through hackathons.

In a span of just one year, Babatunde has remarkably engaged in more than 100 Devpost hackathons—yes, you read that right, 100! Through his continuous engagement with the Devpost community, Babatunde was recently recognized as a Devpost MVP. Here’s the story behind his +100 hackathons and how they’ve helped him learn about new tech tools.

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What Motivates You to Participate?

I’m motivated by the opportunity to learn about new technologies or apply existing technologies I already know in new ways. Thanks to Devpost, I've learned about augmented reality, distributed databases, and package managers. Without Devpost, it's very unlikely that I would have learned about these technologies or applied them during my day job.

An image showing three hackathon projects Babatunde Onabajo has submitted on Devpost, including two winning projects.
A look at Babatunde's top projects.

What Is a Challenge You Faced and Overcame Through a Hackathon?

Encountering technologies that I've certainly heard about but have never used is a challenge I overcame with hackathons. A good example is Docker. Up until my participation in Devpost, I had certainly heard of Docker but had never used it. Participating in hackathons, like these by Determined AI and Bunnyshell, incentivized me to learn about Docker, its importance, and how it can be applied to my everyday work. Because of these hackathons, I bought a book on Docker and my knowledge of it has improved significantly.

What Advice Would You Give to New Hackathon Participants?

Don't be intimidated! I've found the community to be very helpful and assistive. There are hackathons for everyone—ranging from obscure hackathons requiring a deep knowledge of smart contracts and Rust, all the way through beginner-friendly hackathons that enable you to use low-code options. 

How Do You Think Senior Programmers Can Benefit From Hackathons?

Senior programmers have a tremendous amount to learn from being part of Devpost. First, even as a senior programmer, you might come across technologies that you wouldn't otherwise use in your day-to-day job. For example, augmented reality is something that I never really used until I participated in ZappAR's hackathon on Devpost. 

“Even as a senior programmer, Devpost has been an invaluable community and channel for my own professional growth," said Babatunde Onabajo.

Second, as a senior programmer, there is a tremendous benefit to be gained from interacting with new users on Discord and answering their questions about various technologies. By teaching them, guiding them, or otherwise collaborating with them in a hackathon, you also obtain a deeper knowledge of a particular tech stack. 

Third, there are networking opportunities as well. For instance, I was able to gain valuable networking opportunities with team members at IMDB as well as Amazon, both of which I wouldn't have been able to obtain had I not been a user at Devpost. I strongly recommend the platform not just to senior programmers, but anyone with an interest in gaining a career in technology.

What’s a Valuable Lesson You Learned From Hackathons?

Time is precious! Hackathons are a great way to teach time management skills and ensuring that every minute spent is spent appropriately.

Thanks for being an active member of our community, Babatunde! We hope you continue to upskill your knowledge through hackathons on Devpost.

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