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Driving AI innovation with internal hackathons [Webinar]

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Hackathon etiquette: Do's and don'ts for participants

Learn about hackathon best practices and protocols that will set you up for success.
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User Story: Winning first place in one of the most competitive hackathons on Devpost

Get to know Param, the first-place winner of the highly competitive AWS PartyRock Generative AI Hackathon.
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How Amazon grows its developer network with hackathons on Devpost

Dive into Amazon’s hackathon history on Devpost.
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From idea to prototype: How winners navigate the hackathon process

Learn from seasoned hackathon champions’ strategies for idea generation, prototyping, and delivering under pressure.
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How Microsoft connects with developers through hackathons on Devpost

Learn about Microsoft’s history of hosting hackathons on Devpost.
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6 Benefits of submitting your hackathon project early

Here’s a look at the numerous benefits of submitting early to a hackathon.
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Driving AI innovation with internal hackathons [Webinar]

Learn how to build your AI strategy with hackathons.
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User Story: Hackathon tips from Nathan, a 22-time winner

Here’s a look at how Nathan has managed to win an impressive 22 hackathons.
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User Story: Ansh's do's and don'ts for student hackathons

Here’s a look at how Ansh tackles participating in and winning student hackathons.
Hackathon Planning

10 Key Devpost for Teams product features

Learn about the DFT features that help internal hackathon organizers save time, increase participation, and showcase results.
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The biggest AI hackathons on Devpost in 2024 (So far)

Dive into the AI hackathons making waves on Devpost to get inspired for your next event.
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5 Reasons private hackathons drive customer engagement

Here’s how private customer hackathons reduce churn and drive revenue growth.

How to plan an internal hackathon for your entire company

Download this guide to learn how to plan and manage company-wide hackathons.

How to run an AI hackathon

LLMs have changed the game for hackathons in several ways. There are nuances to running an AI hackathon. Download this comprehensive guide to learn how to plan, manage, and wrap up an AI hackathon.

Make a real impact on customer retention with hackathons

Here are 5 reasons to run customer hackathons.

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