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Hackathon Planning

How to Host a Hackathon That Stands Out [Webinar Q&A]

Catch up on the Q&A from Devpost’s recent webinar on how to host a hackathon that stands out.
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User Story: How Crystal’s Love for Hackathons Inspired Her to Host Her Own

Here’s a look into how Crystal, a Devpost user, developed a passion for participating in hackathons, ultimately becoming a host herself.
Hackathon Planning

6 Tips to Boost Post-hackathon Results

Learn what to do after your internal hackathons to maximize success.
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User Story: How Pratyay Collaborates With Global Teams Through Hackathons

Here’s how Pratyay, a Devpost user, has learned the value of teamwork and collaboration through hackathons.
Business Impact

How to Inspire a Culture of Innovation in Light of AI

Learn how to promote innovation in the workplace to help tackle AI-related challenges.
Hackathon Planning

7 Tips to Make Your Next Virtual Hackathon a Success

Find out how to organize your event and stand out to developers.
Hackathon Planning

Why It’s Time to Host an Internal AI Hackathon

Learn how to use hackathons as a tool in your AI transformation strategy.
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User Story: How Babatunde Discovered New Tech Tools Through Hackathons

Here’s how Babatunde, a Devpost user, has discovered new technologies through hackathons.
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User Story: How Hackathons Help Bryce Step Outside His Comfort Zone

Meet Bryce, a Devpost user embracing the opportunity to build and collaborate with like-minded innovators.
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User Story: How Chanakya Expands His Skill Set With Hackathons

Here’s how Chanakya, a Devpost user, uses hackathons as a learning tool.
Hackathon Planning

What AI Means for Hackathons

Here are 5 ways AI improves hackathons—and how to leverage them in your business.
Customer Stories

How Okta Engaged More Employees in Its Hackathons With Devpost for Teams

Find out why Okta chooses Devpost to help power its internal hackathons.